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What we are doing


Saturday August 17th


During Calmar Days 2019 we began to raise money for the purchase of a Pet Oxygen Mask for the Calmar fire Department.  We did nail trims and sold nail trim vouchers to raise money as well as accepted donations from the community to go to the cause.  Our goal when we started was to purchase 1 kit for Calmar.  We quickly gathered enough to order 3 kits!  We contacted the County and learned that 5 mask kits would put one in each emergency vehicle at each fire station in the county.  So that became our new goal and we continued to use nail trims as a way to collect money.  We currently have two shipments on the way for a total of 5 Pet Oxygen mask kits!!  Once they arrive we will present them to the Leduc County Fire Dept and update our page to let you know.   Thank you for your support in this fundraiser, it was a smashing success!